Lighting Design
Our experience and background in lighting allows us to offer a wide variety of services, from designing traditional illumination systems to reinventing the way light can be used. We temper a strong aesthetic sense with mechanical and electrical knowledge in order to assure lighting choices that work.
Our approach in lighting is to be highly responsive to the subject being lit. We often incorporate a variety of lighting fixtures, drawing from commercial, theatrical, interior /exterior lighting, customized lighting fixtures or lighting "objects." We come from a theatrical and industrial background, so we have experience with a broad color palette and range of intensities.
As a general principal, we emphasize the use of energy efficient lighting fixtures and lamps. The use of efficient and durable equipment saves money both in electrical requirements and general maintenance and upkeep. In particular, we try to anticipate any usage problems that might be encountered over the long term and resolve them in the design phase through proper instrument selection and installation.